• Looking Toward the Priesthood

"Provides much useful advice to young men..."

—Cardinal Raymond L. Burke, Prefect, Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura

The full comment from Cardinal Burke on this marvelous book about how young men can discern their vocations:

"Fr. Doyle's book expresses in a most inspiring way the sublime dignity of the priestly vocation, and provides a much-needed exhortation to young men who might be dissuaded from the priestly vocation by the many distractions of the world. His exhortation to 'overcome the world' by choosing to follow Christ completely in the priesthood is even more important today than when he wrote it 50 years ago....The book also provides much useful advice to young men [through the author's] explanation of the objective signs by which a priestly vocation can be recognised...should be a helpful antidote to the subjectivism which can often confuse young men who are struggling to discern the will of God in their lives."

Adds Monsignor Richard Soseman, former vice postulator for the beatification cause of Bishop Fulton Sheen:

"Discernment of a vocation does not come with a thunder clap. When I was considering entering the seminary, our vocation director, now the archbishop of Newark, was very encouraging. He said that if I felt sure enough of God's call that I was ready to investigate the seminary, I should be sure enough to give the process of discernment, in seminary, a couple of years—to make sure that the life I thought was for me was indeed for me. Discernment, certainly a religious call, is found in quietness, and often by a candidate who thinks he might have a vocation, but is uncertain as he enters a seminary. In Looking Toward the Priesthood, Msgr. Charles Hugo Doyle encourages young men to pursue a vocation even if they have heard no thunder clap, even if they have certainly only in their willingness to inquire. God does not call to the priesthood all who find themselves attracted to it, he states—but the man who has the right intention and lives a good moral life is often called. And he finds the confirmation of his vocation when he is, in turn, called by a bishop.

"Msgr. Doyle lays the solid foundation for a call: the glories of the priestly life. He then turns to eminently practical guidelines for any young man who has, even remotely, considered a possible vocation and considered himself able to lead a priestly life. Looking Toward the Priesthood is a very positive and interesting treatment of vocation."

In six searching chapters, major topics confronting serious young Catholic men are explored... answers provided... dozens of the most significant Scripture passages for young men provided...uplifting notes sounded... and means of prayerful meditation explained.

How many young men have heard practical considerations like:

  • The Sign of a Vocation
  • Obstacles in the Way
  • An Honour Beyond All Honours
  • "But I Have Chosen You!"
  • Overcoming the World
  • Our Enemy, the World
  • Captivating the young heart of sincere teens and young adults in formation, Msgr. Doyle's reflections—as more than one reviewer pointed out at the time of the book's first publication almost 60 years ago—serve two purposes:

1. To enable those with no vocation to the priesthood to rule it out, in a healthy way.

2. To assist those with vocations to come to the conclusion God desires. And to them, Msgr. Doyle outlines the precise way forward. Here is a small book that will change lives— and already has.

A Message to Young Men

You will discover Monsignor Doyle to be a competent and sympathetic guide to help you surmount such hurdles as:

  • Can I be happy in the priesthood?
  • Can God really be calling me, unworthy as I know I am?
  • How do I know whether to go for the diocesan or a religious order priesthood?
  • Do I have the requisite qualities of body, mind and character?
  • "How can I overcome the opposition, if any, of my parents?"
Extra Information
Author Msgr. Charles Hugo Doyle

Looking Toward the Priesthood

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