• Does God Matter For Me?

How many people think there is no God? Surprisingly few.

But the number of people who behave as if there were no God is legion.

In 1937 the editors of the Needs of Today Series approached Father C.C. Martindale, considered Britains most persuasive Jesuit, and asked him to write a down-to-earth book about the consequences of belief or disbelief in God.

The result? America magazine put it best:

Father Martindale, who is a great priest, in the practical and confessional sense, and a profound and scholarly theologian also, has done a splendid job. He has brought down the highest and most fruitful elements of mystical theology to the man-in-the-street.

But he has not done this at the expense of vulgarizing the theism of the Christian Faith; nor does he purvey here a religion accommodated to the modern mind. We get... the essence of solid Catholic theology as applicable to Catholics, non-Catholics, ex-Catholics, Protestants, ex-Protestants, and the indifferent.

Father Martindale was writing in an age... when former beliefs and long-accepted traditions were being openly, often bitterly, questioned. In other words, Father Martindale was writing at a time like our own. He unfolds, simply and powerfully:

The easiest-to-grasp proof of Gods existence How to demonstrate that belief in God is a rational certainty Our one sure anchor in the chaos of life is God Why the arguments that we are too small for God to take notice of us, or God is too great for us to approach Him, are fundamentally flawed The various types of characters who refuse to admit God into their life -- including the ill-educated intelligentsia Why the only way to preserve the dignity of man is to believe in God What happens to a nation when its leaders teach that God has no place in law or in public life The danger of emotional religious services and mystical experiences The moral consequences of Gods infinity, unity, omnipresence, and eternity Fear of God -- what it means, and what it does not mean The difference between awe and terror Humility -- why the modern world hates this virtue The essence of true religion: it illumines and inspires, while false religion frightens and depresses Gods power, wisdom, and goodness -- what these qualities mean for man How we can draw upon Gods power even in our sinfulness Why evil exists Why suffering has meaning The flaws in the argument that a good God would not tolerate evil and suffering in the world The three great blessings Christianity brought to the world Why good work done out of love of God differs from good work done for philanthropic motives How the Church speaks to God The nature of prayer Why praying is not only good and necessary, but wise The proper way to pray: focus your mind on God, not yourself Why the traditional liturgy puts us in the proper frame of mind to pray Why praying in a Catholic church is superior to praying in any other place The full spiritual and temporal ramifications of praying the Our Father Lead us not into temptation -- what it means In your prayers, should you ask for a miracle? A permanent and valuable addition to Catholic literature

Will help to increase the faith of the believer and stimulate the reason of the unbeliever. --Ecclesiastical Review

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Author Fr CC Martindale

Does God Matter For Me?

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