• Missale Romanum (Benz, 1962)

Once the preferred altar missal amongst English-speaking clergy, Benziger's classic standard 1962 edition of the Missale Romanum for the traditional Roman Mass is now available again! It is also the ONLY reprinted missal available in complete conformity with the final revisions made by the Holy See in 1962.

This edition includes:

Saint Joseph's name in the (added in November 1962)

Prefaces (added in April 1963 and which includes the restored Advent preface pro aliquibus locis (for some places)

The famed Benziger Brothers were one of America's premier printers to the Apostolic See before they went bankrupt shortly after the Second Vatican Council.

8 multi-colored, durable poly grosgrain marking ribbons specially made with end bows to prevent fraying

This faithful reprint of their altar missal is a testament to their labours which were not in vain and are of service to Catholics in the 21st century as they were 40 years ago in the 20th!

The Missale Romanum is 1290 pages, and measures approx. 205mm x 290mm and is approx 70mm thick. Total weight with slip cover is 3.5Kg. Every effort was made to match Benzigers renowned quality and includes such features as:

Colour hard casing in red (or green) durable bonded leather (wears better than leather and requires no special care.

Ornate gold-embossing on both cover boards and spine cover boards and reinforced spine with decorative hubs (as shown above on the original.

Poly-grosgrain colored ribbons finished with bows (prevents fraying midi-braid leads bridging ribbons to the spine (protects pages and life of ribbons)

Flexible bonded leather tabs in matching cover color and black original quality black and red text throughout (all exact scans of the original pages.

Sturdy sewn binding and endsheet construction.

Non-acid missal-quality paper (nearly the identical specs Benziger used.

Gilded page edges slip jacket for proper storage of your investment.

Extra Information

Missale Romanum (Benz, 1962)

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