• Instructions Before Marriage

By far the most common questions about marriage. All 81 answered, simply and concisely, by an experienced priest/moral theologian. Fr. Wenceslaus Hertvik, O.F.M., answered most of the questions that troubled married couples a generation ago. A partial list of topics and questions:

Rights and Duties of the Married


Eight specific, delicate questions wives and husbands have about the marriage act What are the serious sins against conjugal chastity? Where does God forbid extra-marital relations? What usually leads to this grave sin of adultery? Is alcoholism also a cause of much marital unhappiness? Lawful Use of Marriage

What rights does marriage confer on the spouses? Does the use of the marriage right have corresponding obligations? Is intercourse something bad or sinful? Is intercourse something shameful? The Marriage Contract

What are the essential purposes of marriage? Must the matrimonial contract be free and voluntary? What premarital agreements render the marriage contract invalid? Is the matrimonial contract permanent? Is impotency an obstacle to a valid marriage? Does sterility invalidate marriage? Does the Catholic Church recognize all marriages? Sacrament of Matrimony

St. Pauls statement about marriage being a great mystery. How is the union of Christ with His Church the model for Christian marriage? Does the sacrament also confer special actual graces? What is meant by the canonical form of marriage? Who are the ministers of the sacrament of matrimony? How should the spouses regard the authority of the Church over marriage? What are the obstacles to a valid marriage? Duties Regarding Children

Does God command husband and wife to have children? May a couple marry who cannot have children? When a couple is capable of parenthood, how many children must they have? Do parents fulfill their obligation toward their children by merely bringing them into the world? What in particular are the duties of parents toward their children? Duties Regarding Mutual Happiness

How are spouses to be helpmates to each other? What is conjugal love? Is infatuation necessary for conjugal love? Who possesses greater authority in the home? How do women differ from men? Is love blind to faults? What suggestions would help to reduce marital quarrels? What stumbling blocks should married people avoid? Are adjustments and adaptability necessary in married life? What principle factors will insure a happier married life? How should married people foster home life? Does family economy enter into marital stability? What is to be said about working wives and mothers? When is jealously sinful? Is immaturity detrimental to conjugal love? What attitude is to be taken toward in-laws?Indissolubility of Marriage

Does God forbid divorce? Does not Christ in St. Matthew make an exception for divorce, namely the sin of infidelity of ones spouse? Are Catholics allowed to separate? What should married people do to avoid permanent separation? Birth Control

What is birth control? What is contraception? Is contraception sinful? If one spouse insists on contraceptive intercourse, what must the other do? Is there such a thing as Catholic birth control? What is the practice of rhythm? Is it wrong? Things to Consider Before Marriage

Should an engaged couple discuss having children? Must engaged couples obtain medical certificates? What should engaged couples reveal to each other? Should the engaged reveal past moral lapses? What is the impediment to marriage called marital crime? This popular guide to married life was written for couples in the 1950s. It contains one or two dated references to the old Code of Canon Law but in all other respects conforms to the mind of the Church, with succinct answers to questions that perplex many Catholics, young and old alike.

Each question is answered succinctly and accurately, with an emphasis on the practical implications of doctrine and morals... very handy. --Homiletic & Pastoral Review

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Author Rev Wenceslaus Hertvik

Instructions Before Marriage

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